Get a website you’re proud to show the world.

Your website is more important than ever. Problems like being poorly designed, slow to load, difficult to edit, out-of-date, or lacking a strategy — all block your website from working for your business. The good news? You’ve found help.

What makes an effective website design?

Websites are the primary research and communication tool for everyone.

A well designed website sets the right tone and perception, allowing your message to be understood clearly.

  • It amplifies what you say!
  • It empathises with a person’s current emotional state.
  • It projects a desired positive outcome people want them to achieve.
  • It highlights you as the solution for transformation.

Web design that transforms

If your website needs to help people make a big decision like finding a new job, choosing one college over another — then you’re in the right place.

We understand these customers – people making transitions in their lives, maybe even transforming their lives. They need a website that projects the right emotions to help them engage with you. You need help finding the hidden depths that make your brand unique and unparalleled – turning those gems into a compelling website design.

A plan and process

The fact is, when we start your project, we have no idea what makes your business unique. What we have is a method for figuring that out. You’ll be guided through a tried and tested process — that helps create a unique online identity for you.

Bespoke designs created to enhance your brand image online and appeal directly to your audience.
Responsive web design that works beautifully for every visitor; on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Keep your site current, with an easy-to-use WordPress CMS, that gives you control over your content.
Project management that is simple yet effective. You’ll know what to expect and when.
Training and a dedicated client support system built into your website admin area.
You won’t be embarrassed anymore. A website you will be proud to shout about.

Some brands we've helped

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Hidden Depth challenged our thinking. They helped clarify and define what we needed, gave solutions that made sense. They were supportive and personable. They were flexible. They delivered!

John Herlihy (Kerry College)

This was a particularly trying project from a timeline and buy-in perspective – so Dave's project management skills were essential to the project's success.

Karl O'Shaughnessy (Trinity College Dublin)

When you talk to Hidden Depth, there’s this amazing creative energy as part of the conversation and we love that.

Arline Welty (Dataquest)
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