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To reduce uncertainty and help you make an informed decision — we have created answers to the most common questions people ask when considering a new website.

Timelines are from real-world experience, and we often launch projects earlier than initially planned.

  • Completely new web design projects typically take 40 work days to complete.
  • Fast-track projects can take 15-20 work days.

For a completely new website that includes in-depth strategy, art direction, UI design, and development, our typical fee is €3,000 — €20,000.

As the initial despot, we typically require 40% of the overall project cost.

The remaining payments are broken into equal instalments. Payment terms will be set out in your Schedule and Contract document.

We use Basecamp, which is a simple project management system.

Basecamp keeps everything from strategy and inspiration to files and tasks in one place. This makes it easy for everyone to stay on top of the project and eliminates confusion.

Websites are built in WordPress.

WordPress powers over 40% of all websites in the world. Your site will be a heavily customised version of WordPress, tailored to make adding and editing content as easy as paint by numbers.

Of course.

We were one of the first Irish companies to design and build responsive websites. All websites are tested on mobile, tablet and desktop devices to ensure they look and function beautifully.

On completion of the project and payment of all invoices, the copyright is transferred to you.

We retain the right to use content in our case studies and other promotional material.

CloudPress is our website care plan which handles backups, updates, security scans, malware removal and disaster recovery.

We also provide packages of pre-paid hours that you can use throughout the year for big or small tweaks to your site.

We don’t typically do development work if we have not created the design.

Exceptions can be made for well-documented and clearly thought-out designs. This would require an in-depth review before we accepted the project.