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Since 2021

“We needed to communicate more clearly with our potential students. Our backend systems for updates were slow and inefficient.”

Niall Hickey
Liberties College
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Colours showcase the broad areas of education, and diverse paths of progression, available.

The design is youthful and vibrant. Custom CSS variables give each course category its own unique identity. This will translate from the website to printed promotional material like the prospectus, banners, posters and flyers. The outcome creates stronger brand recognition and easier segmenting of relevant areas of study for prospective students.


The previous website was slow as a snail, taking 8-20 seconds to load. The new site loads in less than 1 second.

Our in-house framework, Imperium, is lightning fast. It’s a fully bespoke framework coded from the ground up. Imperium CSS style sheet is approx. Smaller than a typical Bootstrap style sheet.

Liberties College moved to Hostbox by Hidden Depth, built specifically to produce fast,  GDPR-compliant WordPress websites.

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Sirv image CDN was integrated into the entire website. This service resizes images on the fly for mobile, tablet, desktop and even high-resolution retina screens – eliminating the need for staff to have image editing (Photoshop) skills.

Site load time are improved – as Sirv reduces image file sizes, and lazy loads images on screen as users scroll down the page.

In the future, if a page layout changes – Sirv will automatically adjust the image to fit the new layout.

“Dave knows his stuff and used clear communication, definite goals and expert guidance. The new website is excellent and received universal positive feedback from the staff and students.”

Niall Hickey
Liberties College