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The fact is, when we start your project, we don't know what makes your business special. To avoid producing something blindly, we have a tried-and-tested process. There's no guesswork involved in creating something special that reflects who you are and what draws people towards you.

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Before we begin

It’s impossible to tell, just by looking at an agency website, who will provide the smoothest process, understand your needs, be easy to work and deliver the best service. That’s why we start with a get-to-know-you call.



A discovery call lets us figure out what you want to achieve, when and how. Then we’ll know if we’re a good fit.



You’ll receive several unique options and timelines. Choose what fits your budget, time and needs.



Once approved, we’ll schedule a kick-off meeting. You’ll be guided through each phase with clarity and advice.

“I reached out to 4 / 5 different suppliers and organised meetings with them all. I found Dave to have the best understanding of what we wanted to achieve and how we would achieve it. He spent a lot of time listening to our concerns and providing answers — I knew we would have a good working relationship.”

Sarah Kennedy
C+W O'Brien Architects
Let's begin

Website Project Roadmap

Project enquiry

Stage 1 will involve meeting key stakeholders to ensure we clearly understand your audience and goals.


  • Kick-off meeting
  • Confirm all pages required
  • Establish roles and responsibilities
  • Establish goals
  • Understand the market and audience
  • Plan and agree on the timeline

Gather design ideas and inspiration — to create a clear idea of the desired style.


  • Gather inspiration on preferred styles and desired goals
  • Establish a Design Direction document with common themes
  • Clarity session to review everything gathered and choose the top inspiration

Interactive high-fidelity mocks showcasing functionality for mobile and desktop. Designs look and feel like the finished coded website.


  • Mobile design created for each page
  • Desktop design created for each page
  • Create a website style guide (fonts, colours, spacing and type)

Code pages based on approved designs using HTML, PHP, SCSS & JS. Custom WordPress CMS website development using our in-house Omnia framework.


  • Install and configure our custom WordPress code that improves WordPress security,  performance and accessibility
  • Install and configure required plugins
  • Code a responsive web design layout
    (adapts for mobile, tablet and desktop screens)
  • Setup custom WordPress backend system for your exact needs
  • Integrate our image optimisation and manipulation app
  • Optimise images to improve performance
  • Begin our extensive website launch checklist

Live online CMS training sessions via Zoom. Training is on our test server, so you can edit the content before we go live without worrying about what the public sees.


  • Show you how to edit and update content, upload images, change SEO settings and more
  • Explain best practices for saving, naming and using images
  • Demo how to edit page SEO details
  • Agree timeframe for content editing and review before the launch

Test the website on multiple devices and browsers to ensure it performs as intended and is ready to launch to the world!


  • Complete our extensive website launch checklist
  • Test on current browsers covering desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Migrate the site from our test server to your live hosting environment
  • Support for snag list items after launch
  • Website care plan available for ongoing support, backups, updates, security and disaster recovery

“Some of the best project management I have ever experienced as a client. Great communication, work process, and delivery to tight deadlines. I feel we are valued as a customer - which is a significant selling point for us.”

Jamie Moore
South Dublin County PPN

After launch

You won't be left high and dry after your site launches. Have your site kept up-to-date by the people who built it.



A dedicated client support portal that includes step-by-step articles and videos. Training refresher sessions can be booked if you’re a bit rusty.



Plans are available for frequent or infrequent site updates and tweaks. If you’re non-technical, or crazy busy, have us manage site content updates on your behalf.


Care plans

Website care plans include backups, security scans, software updates and disaster recovery. In addition, you’ll get a monthly report detailing all the work completed.