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Kelliher Miller Architecture

A meeting point of architecture, sustainability and innovation

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Kelliher Miller Architecture


Since 2023

Kelliher Miller Architecture (KMA) had a website that was holding them back.

Their old site was slow, outdated, and didn’t reflect the quality of their work or the caliber of their clients. Instead of being a powerful marketing tool, it was a liability. KMA found themselves relying on social media to promote their brand, while their website collected virtual dust. To transform their online presence, we needed to start from scratch. We built a new WordPress website,  designed to inspire interest and action.

Here’s what we did:

  • Clean, modern design
  • Beautiful imagery takes centre stage
  • Lenis Scroll for silky smooth scrolling on all devices
  • Smooth transitions between modes to prevent jarring changes
  • Light and dark mode switcher for accessibility and user preference
  • GSAP animations highlight important areas of interest and create an interactive experience
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting, PHP 8, and Redis Object Caching create a super speedy website
  • Peace of mind with ongoing support, security and maintenance with a website care plan
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Web design preview split 1 6
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The Result

The impact of KMA's new website was nothing short of remarkable:

  • A digital presence that matches the quality of their work and attracts ideal clients
  • Improved user experience with faster load times and engaging design
  • Increased client acquisition thanks to an optimised, high-performing website
  • Peace of mind knowing their website is secure, up-to-date, and in good hands

KMA's new WordPress website is now a blueprint for their digital success

By addressing the challenges head-on, they now have a powerful marketing tool. It will continue to drive their business forward in the competitive world of architecture.

The lesson? Don’t let a subpar website hold your business back. Invest in a digital presence that reflects the quality of your work and sets the right first impression.