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5 Ways to Improve Your Brand Perception on Your Website

Brand perception is everything, and it’s up to your website to ensure visitors see your brand the way you want them to.

Your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have online. The design of your site changes how visitors view your company, rate your credibility and even how much they’re willing to pay for your products or services. Even a new small business could be seen as a reputable and professional provider with the right type of design.

Today we’ll go through some simple but effective ways you can improve your brand perception online.

1) Show Visitors Who You Are

Who exactly are you? What is your brand all about? Believe it or not, your About or About Us page can drastically change a visitor’s perception of your brand. Think of it as your virtual introduction and handshake. Take the time to tell your story and engage with the visitors. Talk to your visitors directly and even include a few customer testimonials.

The more personality you inject into this page, the easier it is for visitors to understand your brand. Check out these About Us page examples to see how effective they can be.

2) Prove Your Value

Why should a customer pay more for your product than the competition? What makes it better? If your site lists an image and basic description, visitors will perceive your brand as trying to charge more for something they could get elsewhere, probably with a brand they already trust.

Use your site to prove your value. Change the brand perception, for your product or service, from competition to the obvious choice. Add more images, include engaging descriptions that showcase the differences and list the types of customer service that make you stand apart.

Sites that go the extra mile to prove themselves tend to stand out in customers’ minds. Create helpful blog content that answers questions or provides insightful advice, downloadable ebooks, or email courses, all provide more value to visitors.

3) Showcase Customer Success

It’s okay to brag a little about your success so far. Just make sure it’s not you that’s doing the bragging. Instead, rely upon customer testimonials and reviews to help potential customers decide to choose your brand. Visitors love seeing brands that aren’t afraid to let their customers speak for them.

If your product has numerous positive reviews, visitors are more likely to choose your brand because they see it as trustworthy. They’ll also pay more because the product has been proven successful among other customers. Visitors see your brand as new and risky if there aren’t any reviews or testimonials.

4) Cater to Visitors

Your website isn’t about you or your business. It’s about giving potential customers what they want. The entire purpose of your site is to market yourself to customers. Make sure your design caters to their needs. If you want to change brand perception online, avoid some of the common mistakes that drive visitors away, such as:

  • Outdated design, especially non-mobile friendly
  • Old plugins that risk visitors’ safety
  • Overwhelming ads
  • Poor navigation
  • Lack of personality

The more your website caters to their needs, the more likely they will interact with you. Personality is important too, because it shows visitors what type of business you are. After all, no one likes a bland website that makes it impossible to see what kind of people you’re dealing with.

5) Prove You’re Credible

Finally, to truly change brand perception, use your website to prove you’re credible. For instance, why should a person choose your business over another? If you’re new, why should they choose you over a brand they already trust? It’s all about credibility.

A professional design is the key to making a good first impression, but it takes more than that. Easy navigation, clear FAQs, an About Us page and up-to-date, useful content prove that you’re a credible business that isn’t trying to hide anything. This immediately changes a visitor’s perception of your brand, and they’re more willing to trust you, which helps increase your bottom line.

Start Changing Brand Perception Now

You work hard on your branding, so don’t forget about your web design. The wrong design can kill even the best brand. Use your site to improve the brand perception of your website and make sure visitors see your brand in a positive light.

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