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5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs To Have A Fantastic Website


Many small businesses skip creating a website because they don’t think they need one.

A small business website isn’t just for online businesses, though. Brick and mortar businesses benefit just as much from websites as their online counterparts.

With shoppers relying upon the Internet to research purchases in-store as well as online, having a great digital presence is key to reaching your customers.

1. Make You More Competitive

The number one benefit of a fantastic small business website is being more competitive. Not only will a good website come up in search results and possibly sway a local customer to shop with you versus an online store, you’ll also stand out from local businesses that don’t have a website. As of April 2016, 19% of SMEs in Ireland don’t have a website.

Even though 81% do have websites, they might not be fantastic sites. Making a website that’s mobile-friendly, provides clear contact information and is regularly updated will help you stay competitive.

2. Boost Brand Recognition

When you want to boost brand recognition, your small business needs a website. Think of all the major brands you love. They all have websites. Part of the reason is because a regularly updated website appears more often in search results. The more often customers see your brand, the more often they’ll think about it.

A great website gives customers a chance to get to know your brand. They’ll see it often and be able to learn more about you via your website. Having a detailed About Us page helps consumers connect with your brand and what it stands for. Forming a connection is vital to building loyal customers.

3. Expand Your Reach

Without a website, you’re limited to customers who walk or drive by your business. If a customer is trying to find shoes in a specific area, your business might not show up if you don’t have a website. You’re limiting your potential customers drastically if you skip creating a website. You’ll reach far more potential customers and may even expand to a worldwide ecommerce store as your business grows.

4. Reach Customers 24/7

A surprising 91% of SME websites can’t process sales online. Imagine being one of the few small business websites that can give customers what they want 24/7. You’d gain more customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Of course, online sales aren’t the only way to reach customers 24/7. Simply having a website gives you the opportunity to interact with customers anytime and anywhere. For instance, customers searching for luggage might find your business online in the middle of the night, find your store hours and visit your store the next morning.

Customers can also use a contact form to ask questions or provide feedback. These interactions are meaningful to customers and boost brand recognition.

5. Impress Customers

Finally, a small business website is a way to impress customers. With many consumers relying on the Internet to research businesses and purchases, you need an incredible website to make a great first impression. A simple website that barely functions serves as poor reflection of your actual business.

A well-designed website that functions smoothly and provides all the information a potential customer could want is impressive. Consumers then think of your business as professional and easy to interact with. This is the type of impression you want your customers to have.

Make A Website A Priority

If you don’t have a website or your current website is a little dated, it’s time to make your website a top priority. While a website might not seem important, it could help you stand out from the competition and grow your small business into something much larger. Go ahead and reach your customers where they live – online. They’ll appreciate the effort.

Are you ready to boost your business with a website? Contact Hidden Depth today to get started on a fantastic site for you.

Image: Paolo Trabattoni

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