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Keep secure passwords

Unique passwords

Never use the same password for more than one account. This helps insulate you if any service or site you have an account with gets hacked.

2-factor authentication

Your email account is one of the most vulnerable points. If someone gets into it, they can probably reset passwords for any site you have registered on with that address. Check if sites offer 2FA (2-factor authentication), which requires a second, ever-changing code when you log in to an account.

Make passwords difficult

Using long, random passwords of at least 18 characters makes it harder for bad actors correctly guess. A password manager can generate and store these random passwords.

Password manager app

1Password is the recommended password manager app, but there any many similar apps. Password managers can create and save long, random passwords for each login/account you have. 1Password works on Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android. Some built-in features:

  • Secure password generator
  • Auto-fill username and passwords
  • Warns you when you use the same password in other places
  • Warns you when a site has been listed on Have I Been Pwned (tracks data breaches) so you can change/reset your details