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New support requests

Support options

QuotationFor project-based workSet price
HourlyCharged at the hourly rate Rounded to 15 minutes
Bundle10, 20 or 30 hours. Valid for 12 monthsRounded to 1 minute
RecurringWork on an ongoing scheduleSet price


Edit an image
Add a new section to your website
Redesign the visuals on the website
Manage website security and backups
Improve the performance of your website

Everyone has unique needs and preferences regarding web design services. To accommodate these diverse requirements, we provide four different billing options.

1. Quotation (Set Price)

Ideal for well-defined projects with specific deliverables and deadlines.

After discussing your project requirements, we’ll provide you with a detailed proposal and set price for the entire project. This option helps ensure that the project stays within budget and eliminates surprises in terms of cost.

  • Predetermined project scope and price
  • One-time payment or payment milestones
  • Suitable for larger, well-defined projects

2. Hourly (Rounded to 15 minutes)

A flexible solution if you have smaller, infrequent tasks.

You’ll be billed based on the actual time spent on the work. Time is rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.

  • Flexible for small tasks or ongoing support
  • Billed based on actual time spent
  • Time rounded to the nearest 15 minutes

3. Bundle (Rounded to 1 minute)

A cost-effective solution if you anticipate needing various tasks throughout the year.

You can purchase a set of 10, 20, or 30 hours at a discounted rate, with the flexibility to use these hours for tasks over 12 months. The time will be rounded to the nearest minute, making the most of your prepaid hours.

  • Prepaid set of hours at a discounted rate
  • Valid for 12 months
  • Time rounded to the nearest minute

4. Recurring (Set Price)

Designed for those who require ongoing web design services on a regular schedule.

With a fixed monthly fee, you’ll receive consistent support. This is most suitable for ongoing, repeatable work such as website backups and maintenance, security scanning and protection, and optimization tasks.

  • Predictable budget
  • Fixed monthly fee for ongoing work
  • Regularly scheduled tasks and updates

Example: Hourly vs Bundle

If you open a support request and it takes us 21 minutes to complete:

  • The Hourly option would invoice for 30 minutes
  • The Bundle option would use 21 minutes from your account