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Your Slogan: Make it work

A lot of companies have slogans just for the sake of having one. A slogan which a company doesn’t follow or believe in is useless. People forget how useful slogans can be. They can be used to describe your product or service in one sentence, to tell people what sets you apart, to show them how you can help them.

A slogan should be a companies mantra. Something short and vague but easy to follow through every facet of your business from promotion to staff attitude.

Young’s Auctioneers are an auctioneer & estate agent based in Ranelagh, Dublin 6. The company’s original slogan was “Make the right move with Young’s Auctioneers”. The slogan is fine from a customer point of view telling them to make the right move. The problem is they are telling the customer to choose them. This is very one sided and shows no work or involvement from Young’s point of view. Also the fact that the company name is included does not help as most people are not interested in the name of your company. They want you to be interested in them and the values they hold most important. Young’s are a very experienced busy company who have a team of long standing staff ready to help people. The customer deals with one person from start to finish to make thing smoother and hassle free. The fact that they came to Hidden Depth to design their new website shows that they care about their image and how the customer views them. These selling points can never be tied into the old slogan.

The new slogan we crafted was more simple and back to basics. “Making you feel at home”. This is not just about helping someone find a home that feels good. This is about the company attitude. The long term staff, the one person dealing with a customer. These things are all done to make people feel at ease or at home. Buying a property is difficult and scary for a lot of people. They are putting a lot of trust in the estate agent. Whether making an enquiry to Young’s on the phone, by email or in person the first goal is to make people feel at home. The new slogan shows the company attitude and why people should use them and also that the customer is the sole focus.

It is fine not having a slogan but if you do have one make sure it is one that works for you and helps your business.

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