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What’s new in WordPress 4.5?

WordPress 4.5 aka “Coleman” was released just over a week ago, which means we have had enough time to have a play around with all of the new nifty features.

What’s New in WordPress 4.5 (Features and Screenshots)

This is a major WordPress release, so you have to manually update. For clients on our CloudPress service don’t worry about anything, we’ve already taken care of the WordPress update for you. If you’re updating your WordPress website your self make sure you make a full backup of all content, settings and files.

WordPress Inline Links


Previously when adding a link into the default content editor area it was done through a popup window. This slowed things down when editing a page and adding links. The new inline link simply appears below the text. This is a really small feature but greatly improves productivity as you can simply continue typing the name of the page you want to link to, then hit enter on the desired page to link to.

WordPress editor keyboard shortcuts

WordPress inline keyboard shortcuts

When you’re in the WordPress editor click the help icon to see a list of the new shortcuts available. As with inline links the new keyboard shortcuts allow you to key your hands on the keyboard rather than wasting time finding the dropdown and selecting the desired h1, h2, h3, etc.

Add logos to WordPress Customizer

WordPress embed custom logo

Now the customizer supports brand logos. This means should your company change it’s logo in the future you can just upload the new logo via the WordPress admin area, rather than having to contact a WordPress web design company to carry out the update for you.

You may notice numerous other subtle improvements to your WordPress website like tidied up comment moderation, being able to login via email not just username, smaller image upload sizes. There are a lot of other under the hood improvements that are great for developers which we are excited about like selective refresh in the WordPress Theme Customizer, adding inline scripts, overriding embed templates and Javascript updates.


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