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Why You Should Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

Conveying the right image for your business to the outside world can be much more complicated than expected, especially when that image is in front of potential customers. You might look at your brand and realise it’s not reflecting your personality in the way you want it to – the image is slightly skewed – not quite right but you’re also not sure how to fix it.

Why Your Image is Vital

  • It tells your community, audience and customers exactly who you are without them having to dig for details
  • It reflects your brand’s personality, making you more accessible and seem more human
  • Your image and brand is how people will remember you – think Nike, Coca-Cola and Google – they’ve created brands that are instantly recognisable and which reflect their key values

Introducing Pinterest – Marketing That’s All About Imagery

Pinterest is fast becoming the go-to Social Media Network for brands and businesses that want to create a buzz, as well as reach large portions of the consumer population. It’s a platform based around curating content – images, videos, websites, articles and recently products – as a way of collecting things that matter to people.

Here are just a few reasons why Pinterest is so important:

  • Pinterest is the fourth largest traffic source in the world. That means it’s right behind the big G ‘Google’, organic traffic and Facebook
  • 79% of all Pinterest users are women, making it an incredibly popular tool for reaching a female audience
  • Pinterest generates 400% more revenue-per-click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook
  • Pinterest was launched in March 2010, meaning in only three short years it has reached a staggering level of growth

Why your Business Should Be Using Pinterest

Along with the impressive statistics Pinterest is an excellent way of improving and hitting home the idea surrounding your brand. The visual layout gives you the benefit of utilising a whole range of media sources that showcase your business exactly in the light you want it to be viewed.

Pinterest is different to other Social Media. While on Twitter or Facebook an update may get lost in the ether, on Pinterest it has the opposite effect. When you pin a piece of content to a board and it gets liked, re-pinned and shared, that content goes on to have a ripple effect, reaching more people, gathering more re-pins and growing ever outward. The content remains evergreen – it doesn’t just disappear and so holds more value by exposing your brand to a much wider audience

Pinterest allows you to create boards organised by any topic from fashion and beauty to food and design. Pinning big, bright images to these boards about things that interest you helps to show your audience the things that really matter to you.

Further to this, unlimited Secret Boards – boards that only yourself and those invited can view – are ideal for researching and sharing ideas with your colleagues before revealing them to the public.

Don’t be limited by images – pin from articles that mention your brand, videos you’ve shot and even sound-bites to flesh out your profile and further enforce your image.

Pinterest Business Accounts

Register for a business account and Pinterest then allows you to freely pin your own products to carefully curated boards. Furthermore, you can use the ‘Rich Pins’ tool to provide more detailed information about a product such as price, availability and your brand logo.

Business account holders also have the benefit of measuring the success of a campaign or endeavour. Verify your website and you can access Pinterest’s own Analytics which provides an overview on how well a pin or board is doing – enabling you to stay on the right track.

Top UK brands such as Dyson, Mulberry, Land Rover and John Lewis are all reaping the rewards of marketing their businesses on Pinterest, showing just how effective it can be.

One thing to remember is that Pinterest puts emphasis on sharing great content as opposed to self-promotion. The key to successful marketing on this young and vibrant network is to share excellent information and imagery that people will genuinely find useful or inspiring. Not only will this help you create a loyal following which you can tap into further down the line, it also means you’ll build a level of trust within the community that’s centered around your brand’s image and personality, not just what you’re selling.

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