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7 Marketing Ideas To Improve Client Engagement

Improving client engagement is vital for growing your business and gaining loyal customers.

Marketing tools help you reach out to your clients, understand them better and provide better products and services. The trick is knowing what types of tools to use and how they benefit your business and customers.

While there are thousands of marketing tools available, these are some of the best instruments.

1) Your phone

Emailing might be quick and easy but a phone call to someone you have not spoken to lately, will be a lot more sincere and welcoming. Your voice carries tone, warmth and excitement which all help people engage more effectively than through words alone. The hearing is our fastest sense and requires little effort to understand the other person.

Create a list of clients who you haven’t spoken to lately and set a daily/weekly reminder to reach out to them. Find out how your clients have been doing if there is anything you can help them with and tell them about the exciting new things you are doing.

2) Manage Your Blog With A CMS

Blogging is a type of organic marketing. It drives traffic via search engines and backlinks. It also gives clients a worthwhile reason to continue coming back to your site. The content you provide is engaging and sets you apart as an authority in your niche. To use blogging as a marketing tool, you’ll need a CMS to create, post and market your content.

The top three systems continue to be WordPress (27.6%), Joomla (7.1%) and Drupal (4.7%). Over 50% of websites don’t use any of the major platforms. Some sites have a custom CMS, to better meet their marketing and content creation needs.

If you have had calls with clients and discussed issues they are having in their business, then you already have a list of new blogs to write.

3) Use Content Curation

Content marketing only works well if you’re creating high-quality content regularly. While there isn’t a set rule about length, longer posts do tend to rank higher. Trying to research and create many pieces of content each week is time-consuming. Try to improve client engagement by using content curation instead. Mix in content from other sources to continue providing great content to your customers.

Content curation tools also work as sources of inspiration for your blog and to observe trends in your industry. Curata provides a lengthy list of content curation tools, such as, Bundlr, Pulse and their tool.

4) Remind Clients Of Your Value Via Email

Email marketing campaigns are still highly effective ways of improving customer engagement. Emails prompt buyers to come back. You may include offers, a newsletter, an email course, or anything else that shows customers that their needs matter.

Zapier provides a detailed list of email marketing and newsletter tools, such as MailChimp, AWeber and Benchmark Email. When choosing a tool, consider features, such as campaign monitoring, automation and integration with your CMS or other services.

The value of email marketing is so important to our business and our clients that we created our email marketing service Honest Bear.

5) Meet Your Clients On Social Media

Social media isn’t just a place to post links to blog posts or buy ads. It’s also a powerful marketing tool for learning more about your what your clients want. This information helps to improve customer engagement. For instance, Lenovo listened to brand mentions (for Lenovo and competitors) to see what features customers wanted most. The result has been better products that meet customers’ needs.

To make the most social media, you’ll need tools that help you manage all your accounts and keep track of brand mentions. While HootSuite is one of the more popular platforms, it’s far from the only option. Content Marketing Institute questioned 50 influential online marketers to see what their favourite social media marketing tools are.

6) Understand Your Clients With CRM Software

Improving customer engagement is impossible if you don’t know your customers. Do you know how much you are you spending marketing to your entire list? With a CRM you could, use all the data you have on clients, segment your list and target your marketing messages for better results?

Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are two of the more traditional tools, but Business News Daily contains several dozen options to choose from, depending on your needs. Forbes also explains why some of the more popular tools might not be your best options.

7) Study Analytics And Competitors

The final type of marketing tool you must have to improve client engagement is an analytics tool. It’s difficult to create good marketing campaigns if you don’t fully understand how existing campaigns are performing. Analytics data also provides insight into social media, your website and conversion rates. Depending on the app you use, you can also gain insight into your competition, which helps you create better marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics is one of the most used services, and it integrates well with most CMS platforms. At Hidden Depth, we also help clients learn more about their competition performance.

Engage Your Clients With Better Marketing

More efficient marketing begins with the right tools. Start engaging your customers and boosting business growth. Finding the right combination of tools can help take your business to the next level.

Need help improving client engagement? Contact Hidden Depth today to see how we can help.

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