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Google Search – True to Your Word

Sync With Your Customers

Make your site for your customer (Not for Google). These are the words Google is telling people. Google understands they need to provide relevant search results so they need us to produced content that is relevant to our market. We can add keywords, metatags, h tags, etc for as long as we like but if the people who visit don’t like the site and return to Google search within a few seconds Google knows this and realises that this result was not relevant or not what the person was looking for. Get enough people doing this on your site and your ranking in search results will start to dwindle. A big example of this is Googles recent targeting of content farms. These sites produce terrible content and are made purely to pickup on relevant keywords. They ranked high for a long time but Google has got round to them and is now culling them all. This means the people with more relevant sites move up a notch in search results.

Do You Know What They Are Looking For?

Are you speaking the same language as your customer? You better be. There is a huge difference when people shop online versus in a premises. They don’t have to be nice to anyone. They don’t have a sales assistant trying to flog them something. They are on a mission to find what THEY want. If you don’t have it they can be on another site in about 10 seconds.

So many people pluck a search term from the air and say they want to get noticed on Google in search results for this term. That is fine but the big problem is people don’t reflect this search term in their content on the site. They put it in the site title and maybe in the keywords but they don’t create content with these words in it.
If a user searches for a specific term and they end up at your site which would be better:

  • a) Your site doesn’t mention the words they typed in a search.
  • b) Your site main heading has the exact (or similar) wording as what they Google’d. You content also has these words in the text.

Does What It Says On The Tin

Say you want to appear for “Quality Golf Accessories” in Google. The first job is to make sure all the keywords, alt images, tags, content, etc is correctly worded and has your keywords in it. Once done you may appear high in a search results.

The second thing you need to do is actually sell Quality Golf Accessories, have quality images, provide quality descriptions, give quality customer service. If you don’t actually sell quality golf accessories then people will be unhappy as they didn’t get what they wanted from a Google search. Google knows this and constantly learns from user habits.

Google has 2 relationships. One with the site owners and the Second with the customers searching the sites.
The most important relationship is the customers searching. If Google doesn’t provide them with what they are looking for they will use another search engine. If you get in the way of that relationship and lie to Googles most important market they will drop your site further and further down the listings. It may not happen today, tomorrow or even a years time but it will happen and when it does you will have to start form scratch. If you build a quality site and provide what you want people to search for then your business will grow everything Google punishes someone else who done things the wrong way.

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