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Cultural Business Communication In Ireland – Is It Old Fashioned?


Depending on who you ask, some might say cultural business communication in Ireland is old fashioned, but that may just be a matter of perspective.

As with most cultures, Ireland has set a standard for business communication and found what works well. It’s even become a large part of what fuels economic growth.

Whether you’re running a local business or starting an ecommerce site online, it’s vital to fully understand the cultural aspects behind business. Once you understand why old fashioned is okay, you might discover it becomes the perfect way to brand your business.

Old Fashioned, But Relaxed

Some cultures have turned fully to digital communications or disorganised meetings when handling business. Ireland does things a bit differently. On the surface, cultural business communication might seem simplistic and outdated, but it’s relaxed and effective.

While us Irish are often associated with having ‘the craic’, business means keeping a level head and a respectful tone. Overall, face to face communication is preferred, but digital communication that’s friendly and highly personalised serves to take the old fashioned into more modern communications.

It’s not uncommon for a business meeting to seem more like a gathering of friends after just a few minutes. It’s the relaxed attitude that helps relax everyone and encourages better sharing of information. While this style of business communication might seem foreign to some, it works well for Ireland.

Focused On Culture And Family

One thing that sets Ireland apart from other Western European countries is the value placed on family and relationships. Business is important, but family is equally important. You’ll find that cultural business communication differs in this area. For instance, in some countries, communications are expected to occur 24/7, but a solid work/life balance is important in Ireland.

Quick communication is always important in business, but you’ll discover that there’s a time for communication and a time to step away and focus on family.

Conclude Business Quickly

Above all else, Ireland is focused on concluding business quickly. Wasting valuable time on back and forth communications doesn’t work in this culture. It’s why everyone is expected to participate in meetings and discussions. The more input you receive, the easier it is to get things done quicker.

Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith calls Ireland’s business culture “scrappy.” It’s the desire to get things done and continue to grow that makes business so successful in the area.

It’s also something important to remember in cultural business communication. Get to the point quickly versus trying to gradually make a point or persuade a client or business.

Embrace Local Culture, Even Online

Most businesses in Ireland embrace local culture. This comes across in the minute differences in body language, dialects and even communication preferences. It may seem like Ireland is lost in the past, but the country thrives on sharing a strong culture.

Even online, businesses based in Ireland often have similar values and missions listed on their sites. You’ll even notice that websites are designed to make it as easy as possible for visitors to perform actions or communicate with the business.

Brand With Common Values

If you want to make it easy for your audience to relate to you, you need to not only understand cultural business communication in Ireland, but tie the communication standards and values into your brand. Instead of trying to be a global business, let your brand showcase the culture.

Provide quick communication, personalise messages whenever possible and don’t forget that it’s okay to step away and spend time with those you love. By building your brand on common values, you create a business that seems like it truly belongs in the Irish culture.

Work Local To Stay Local

When it comes to creating a website and branding your business, it’s important to consider cultural differences. That’s why using companies that fully understand the local culture. You don’t have to try to be modern and different. Stick with the old fashioned cultural business communication and preferences. They work and when incorporated into your branding, they keep visitors coming back.

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