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Convert More Leads by Marketing to the Right Customer

Are you happy with the number of leads your business currently generates? Does your business convert the “right” leads into customers? Do you have a plan in place to increase the number of “right” leads? If not, chances are, your business doesn’t have a well planned marketing strategy. Not all customers are the “right customers” for your business, knowing who your ideal target market is can make all the difference to your business.

Establish Customer Demographics

1. Know Them

Knowing who is the ideal customer can make all the difference to your business. Dealing with the wrong customer can cost you time and money, so you need to ask yourself, “who are my ideal customers”?

2. Be Specific

Don’t try to market your business to every potential customer, this is both costly and time consuming and won’t necessarily increase your conversion rates.

3. What Motivates Them?

If your product or service is advertised based on quality, then advertising discounts would be counter-productive. Knowing what attracts potential customers to your product or service will allow you convert more relevant leads into customers.

4. Why Would They Use Your Business?

Your business needs to solve a potential customer’s pain points. By understanding their needs and wants you can tailor your products or services to attract the right customers.

5. What Does it Cost Them to Use Your Product or Service?

Customers won’t always judge your business based on cost alone. Does your product or service have a large learning curve involved? Is it difficult for customers get in touch with you? If so then potential customers will have objections to using your product or service.

User Personas

User personas are a way to profile and document your ideal customers. Every business has a need for user personas. By knowing details about your ideals customers, such as: where they live, their habits, their lifestyle patterns, their family status, how much money they have to spend, their personal & professional goals, etc. gives you a better understanding of who your ideal target audience is.

1. Better Quality Leads

Knowing who your ideal customers are will allow you to market your business more effectively. By understanding how best to communicate to them you’ll increase the number of ideal leads which can lead to a higher conversion rate.

2. The Right Medium

Knowing how and where your ideal customers consume information will allow you focus on these mediums and save your business time and money, e.g. There’s no point in advertising on Facebook if your ideal customers use Twitter.

3. Consistency

By establishing user personas you’re creating a set of guidelines for everyone on your sales team to follow. By having all your advertising touch-points follow these guidelines your sales team will be able to market your products or services consistently across any touchpoint.

4. Remove Obstacles

Having user personas will allow you to identify and remove obstacles that may prevent customers from buying your product or service, e.g. Knowing why they would go to a competitor, over your business, can make all the difference to how you market your business.

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