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Client view: Mint Marketing Talent

I chatted to Andrew Bloom, Director of Mint Marketing Talent, a recruitment agency specialising in finding marketing talent, about his experience working with Hidden Depth and the new Mint website.

Why did you need a new website?

My previous website was very outdated, non-responsive and overall not fit for purpose.

How is the new website of benefit to your business?

The previous site was an eyesore, and an overhaul was long overdue. The new website brings a fresh new look to the business and one we can be proud to showcase to clients.

What specific features or results do you like most about the new website?

  • The design – A fresh, modern design
  • Ease of use – From both a user and website manager perspective, it is easy to navigate
  • Adaptability – We can add to the site and change significant elements of content and layout as needed in the future.

Why did you decide to work with Hidden Depth?

First and foremost I liked the previous work they had done. While they had experience in developing recruitment websites, this was almost a secondary consideration. It was their design skills that had me first make contact. Once I did, they listened, got was I was looking for, and I was sold!

Would you recommend Hidden Depth? If so, why?

Hidden Depth was great to work with from start to finish. I liked Dave’s collaborative approach initially to his over-delivery on many key elements of the design and build. I’d have no hesitation recommending Hidden Depth.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

A pleasure to work with.

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