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It’s Time to Become More Focused on Your Branding

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Many business owners scratch their head as they try to figure why branding is important. They think as long as they have a logo, they’re all set. They don’t see the importance behind branding the business outside of that. What they don’t realise is branding can make or break their business.

Branding is far more than a logo or colours on a website. Often times, customers will choose a business based on how well they recognise a brand. If you’re not focused on branding, you could be sending potential customers to your more well-known competitors. With the right techniques, even new, small businesses can quickly build trust-worthy reputations.

Builds Trust

Trust is one of the top reasons why branding is important. Customers are more likely to choose a brand they trust. It’s just how the human mind is wired. A surprising 54% of consumers don’t trust brands. The reason is because the brand has let them down in some way. By simply staying true to your business mission, promises and quality of service, you’re able to prove that you are a brand customers can trust.

Creates A Lasting Impression

You want your brand to make a lasting impression. Is there anything about your brand that makes it memorable? Even before someone buys your products or services, your brand should stay in their mind after a single encounter. It could be a post on social media, an ad online or finding your site via search.

Consistent branding leaves a lasting impression because it gives a potential customer a logo, colour or topic to remember you by. For instance, 80% of consumers state authentic content as a reason to trust and follow a brand. Even providing high quality customer support establishes your brand and makes a lasting impression and increases word of mouth marketing.

Improves Marketing

If you’ve ever questioned why branding is important, look no further than marketing. A tagline, logo and colour scheme instantly tell anyone who sees your ads, social media profiles or other details online and offline that it’s your brand they’re interacting with. Even using a consistent colour scheme can boost recognition by 80%.

Would you market your business without including the business’s name on the marketing material? No. Branding gives your marketing a clear identity. Without it, potential customers might not connect recognise you. One of the most important parts of branding is ensuring your brand is never confused with the competition.

Connect Emotionally

Customers want an emotional connection to a brand. They want to see it as more of a friend than a business. Branding gives you a chance to put some personality into your business. Share what’s most important to you, such as the environment or improving self-esteem for everyone. Creating a bond leads to customer loyalty. You could even have higher prices than the competition, but if values align, customers choose you instead.

Coca-Cola has one of the largest audiences on Facebook with more than 89 million followers. The majority of that success is due to branding. Adding names to their bottles made their brand seem more friendly and personable. Whenever your brand connects in a positive way, it benefits your business.

Looks More Professional

Have you ever wondered what sets one brand apart from the other? The simple answer is professionalism. Strong branding can make even the newest business seem like it’s been around for decades. This makes your brand appear more stable, making potential customers trust you more over a brand they’ve used for years.

Think about it. Would you trust a business with inconsistent branding and little information about them? Or would you prefer to do business with a brand that’s easy to recognise and stays consistent in its messages and actions? You’d obviously choose the second. Creating a professional, trustworthy image sets you apart from the competition.

Customers Are Why Branding Is Important

It’s a simple answer to what sometimes seems like a baffling question. Your customers are why branding is important. With millions of businesses, why should a customer choose you? Branding gives you the chance to stand out from the rest. It’s your business’s identity. Create a strong one and you’ll become your competition’s worst nightmare.

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