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7 Important Reasons To Outsource Your Blog Writing

Outsource Your Blog Writing

Many businesses know they need a blog, but they either don’t blog at all or it’s so sporadic that it’s not beneficial.

Business owners have to wear many hats and sometimes the role of writer just isn’t one of those hats. That’s okay. You don’t have to be the expert at everything related to your company or website.

When you outsource your blog writing, you take the burden of writing off your shoulders while still receiving high-quality, professionally written content that’ll please your visitors. It’s a win-win for everyone.

1. It Takes Regular Blogging To Succeed

Readers want consistency with a blog. If you post something new twice this week, skip a few weeks, post again and then don’t post for six months, you won’t stand a chance at building regular readers or much traffic. If you’re extremely lucky, you might have a post go viral, but once the next viral post hits, readers will forget about your business unless you’re still posting regular content.

With a busy schedule, finding the time to research, format and post new content is difficult at best. For best results, businesses should update their blogs at least once per week, but it’s okay to post more often. Outsourcing this task helps you avoid a haphazard posting schedule so you look more reliable to your readers.

2. Blogging Is Time Consuming

The average blogger takes 1-3 hours to compose a typical post. More extensive posts can take over six hours to write. Since 2015, the average length of a blog post has increased by 19%, making the ideal length around 1,000 words. Gathering useful details for 1,000 words of content each week to engage your readers is time consuming. Do you really have an extra three hours a week to devote to blogging? Saving time is one of the top reasons to outsource your blog writing.

3. More Blog Posts Mean More Conversions

HubSpot found that businesses posting 16 posts or more per month got 4.5 times as many leads as companies only posting up to four posts a month. The reason this works is because each blog post is a new page for search engines to index. More indexed pages give your business more chances to appear at the top of search results for different search phrases.

If the thought of this many posts makes you cringe, an outsourced blogging strategy could be the perfect solution. You benefit from more leads and your readers benefit from useful content.

4. Poorly Written Posts Hurt Your Brand

Google already changed ranking criteria to shove as much poorly written content as possible to the bottom of the search results. Why? Readers hate it. A blog post that rambles or is full of grammatical errors and spammy links isn’t going to impress anyone.

If you’re not used to writing online, creating a great post could take you far longer than the average 1-3 hours. Odds are, you’re going to end up with some bad posts in the process. Don’t let poor writing bring down your brand.

5. Build A Loyal Community With Your Posts

The great thing about regular blogging is it creates a loyal community. You want visitors to keep coming back. As long as you’re providing regular content that’s useful to them, they’ll return. Not only are you establishing your business as an authority, you’re becoming a trusted friend to your readers. They’re reward you by being loyal to your brand and promoting it to their networks.

6. Blogging Is About More Than Writing

You might know what you want to talk about, but a quality post is about more than just writing down your thoughts. It involves understanding proper SEO techniques, formatting for easy scanning, breaking down complex topics into easy to digest pieces and truly engaging the reader. Of course, you have to add research and image sourcing to the mix as well. It’s not easy and it’s why many businesses opt to have someone else handle their blogging.

7. Uncover New Interesting Topics

You might think the best reasons to outsource your blog writing is time and higher quality posts, but new topics are a commonly overlooked benefit. As a writer learns more about your industry and specific company, they’ll run across new angles for posts and interesting topic ideas that you might not have thought of yourself. They can take your blog and expand it into a go-to source of information that keeps readers engaged and coming back for more.

Outsource Your Blog Writing

When you’re serious about growing your brand and business, it just makes sense to outsource your blog writing. You save time and get professional posts that build trust in your brand. Once you find the right writer, everything else just falls into place.

Looking for the perfect solution to your blogging needs? Contact us today to see how our blog writing service can help.

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