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6 Important Branding Benefits Of A Newsletter

Benefits of a Newsletter

You might believe the top benefits of a newsletter are marketing related and you’d probably be right, but an often overlooked benefit is branding.

You can market as much as you want, but building a strong brand is vital to a business’s success. A recognisable brand serves as its own form of marketing.

If you’re still debating on whether or not a newsletter is right for your business, consider these branding benefits that go beyond just marketing.

1. Remain On Consumers’ Minds

Above all else,  you want consumers to remember your brand. Social media isn’t exactly reliable when it comes to getting your message out to everyone on your list, but email newsletters go out to every person who has signed up. You don’t have to send out a message daily, but seeing a newsletter from your business once a week keeps your brand in their mind.

The next time they’re in the market for the type of product or service you offer, you’ll be the first name they think of. Not only do you bring in more business, but you become a name that consumers remember.

2. Offers Targeted Marketing

Email marketing offers a high ROI with a worldwide rate of 4300%. Branding and marketing often seems expensive, but with an ROI like that, you get a cost effective way to reach consumers that want to know more about you and what your business offers.

What makes these newsletters even more effective is targeted messages. For instance, if your business sends out a general email with new products versus a newsletter with recommended products based on past purchases, the second would be more effective because it appeals to that specific consumer.

By offering just the types of the information different segments of your email list want, you become a reliable, trusted brand.

3. Become A Trusted Source

Would you rather do business with a perfect stranger or someone you trust? The latter of course. In a digital world, building trust is difficult. However, becoming a trusted source is one of the top benefits of a newsletter. You don’t have to just send out marketing messages.

Instead, send out useful information and stories with a soft sell at the end for a new or recommended product. This type of newsletter benefits the consumer more, which leads to higher open rates. It also builds credibility for your brand, even before someone buys from you.

4. Allows Consumers To Easily Share

One of the hardest parts of branding is getting the word out. If only 10 people ever hear about your business, it’s nearly impossible to build a brand. If those 10 people share your newsletter and those people share it too, you get a chain reaction of people learning about your brand.

Currently, there are over 4.3 billion email accounts worldwide and that number is expected to increase by another billion by 2019. The easiest way to reach more email accounts is via an easy to share newsletter. Consumers can forward a useful tutorial or an amazing discount to dozens of friends in just a few clicks.

5. Keep Consumers Updated

Consumers love staying updated on their favorite brands. Become one of their new favorites by keeping consumers updated on what your business is doing. One of the benefits of a newsletter is simply staying in touch. A brand that stays in touch seems more like a friend than a business. Just remember, keep the marketing to a minimum.

Let consumers know about an upcoming community event or what charities your brand’s involved with. Anything that makes your brand seem more personable is perfect.

6. Market To A Receptive Audience

Out of all the benefits of a newsletter, being able to market to a receptive audience is one of the most important. Why don’t people open their spam messages? They never wanted them to begin with.

With an email newsletter, people sign up for it. They ask to receive it. They know they can unsubscribe at any time. Instead of pushing your brand on people who aren’t interested, you’re building your brand with people who want to get to know your business. It’s a win for everyone.

Start Your Own Newsletter

Now is the perfect time to put together your own newsletter. Use it to help build your brand and market to consumers. By offering a mix of marketing and useful information, you’ll stay in contact with your audience and even build it along the way.

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Image: Farrel Nobel

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