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3 Services You Need To Maintain A Healthy WordPress Website

You might not get a healthy WordPress site from a doctor, but the right tools serve as your digital physician.

As much as we may all want a website that’s 100% secure and maintains itself, technology hasn’t advanced that far just yet. For now, it takes a little extra work for a safer, healthier site.

With literally thousands of tools promising to be the best, which ones should you choose? The answer is simple – these three services you need to make your site safer and more secure.

Why You Need Services

You could try to maintain a healthy WordPress website, but do you have the time? You have to stay up to date on all the latest vulnerabilities, which can change almost daily in some cases, scan your site for issues and ensure you always have a recent backup on hand.

You’re looking at hours of extra work every month. This is on top of updating content, marketing your site, working with customers and all your other responsibilities. Why not use professionals who will handle some of the extra work? This is why we’re proud to offer our CloudPress-managed service.

CloudPress Maintain

The first service is CloudPress Maintain. This service hardens your WordPress installation and plugins by keeping everything updated. Plugins alone account for 52% of vulnerabilities. The core WordPress installation accounts for 37%. In one study, 56% of WordPress sites were running an outdated core version.

Updates patch vulnerabilities, helping keep sites more secure. Leaving even one plugin outdated is the same as leaving a “Welcome” mat out for hackers.

You might not even realize your plugins are out of date. Almost half of the plugins in the WordPress plugin directory are no longer current. Many stopped releasing updates just two years after being approved. Using plugins that are regularly updated and of course, installing those updates is crucial to a healthier site. Use CloudPress Maintain to handle all the updating for you.

CloudPress Safe

So far, no site is perfectly safe. It’s a sad fact, but still true. This doesn’t mean a compromised site has to ruin your reputation, conversions or site. If you have regular backups, it’s easy to fix vulnerabilities and get your site back online quickly. This is where our CloudPress Safe tool helps.

The Standard plan provides weekly backups, one disaster recovery per year, and a 30-day backup archive. If your site is updated daily, the Premium plan provides daily backups, two disaster recoveries and a complete backup archive. If your site does get hacked, you don’t have to spend days or weeks fixing the problem. This service does the work for you and gives you back a healthy WordPress website.

CloudPress Secure

Just like you scan your computer with anti-virus software, your WordPress website needs regular scans to uncover vulnerabilities and potential problems or threats lurking below the surface. The sooner a problem is found, the quicker it can be fixed, leading to less downtime and a safer site for your visitors. The CloudPress Secure service handles all the scanning for you. The service allows threats to be blocked before they even reach your website.

Choose between monthly or daily scans. Both plans come with monthly reports, but the Premium also includes a firewall for high-level security. A glance at this list of WordPress vulnerabilities by version shows the need for regular scans. New vulnerabilities and exploits are uncovered all the time. Scanning helps prevent your site from being taken advantage of.

Get A Healthier WordPress Website

A healthy WordPress website isn’t a dream. It’s a reality if you use the right services. Our monthly CloudPress plans provide more than just maintenance – they provide peace of mind. Use these services and always know someone is watching your back. The cost is far less than trying to recover your site alone. It couldn’t be easier to keep your site and plugins updated, always have backups in ready and have regular security scanning.

Ready to get the tools you need for a healthier site? Talk to us about our CloudPress plans and make your site safe and healthy. 

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