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Focus on growth, not security worries

WordPress website maintenance

Digital threats lurk everywhere.

Without continuous monitoring and regular updates, your website becomes an easy target.

CloudPress advanced security measures protect your website, shielding it from potential cyber threats that could harm your business. The result? A robustly secure website lets you focus on your core objectives without worry.


WordPress website security is enhanced using a robust website firewall, hardening techniques, and more. Proactive threat monitoring alerts security issues so vulnerabilities can be patched before impacting you. This shields your business data and protects your website from hackers and data breaches.

Daily malware scans and security checks uncover vulnerabilities or threats early. This allows problems to be fixed proactively. Avoid security loopholes and performance issues that can disrupt your business.

Daily off-site backups of your website. Data is stored securely and can be restored quickly in an emergency. This minimises website downtime and business disruption.

Weekly updates to plugins and core software. Your website is always running the optimised versions. Visitors have a fast, frictionless experience on your website.

You’ll receive a monthly report detailing all work done on your website. See security enhancements, performance, backups and custom work. Have full visibility into the health of your website. Focus your energy on growing your business, not your website.