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Mint Marketing Talent

Transforming the online perception of a recruitment agency.

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Mint Marketing Talent

The problem

“My previous website was an eyesore, very outdated, non-responsive and overall not fit for purpose.”

Andrew Bloom
Mint Marketing Talent
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When I met with Andrew, the first thing he said about his current website was that it was “an eyesore and really outdated”. He created a thriving business that needed to transform the Mint identity to reflect better the calibre of the clients they work with and want to attract.

Mint Marketing Talent is a Dublin-based recruitment agency that specialises in the recruitment of marketing professionals for some of the world’s top brands and employers. Led by Andrew Bloom, Mint built a loyal following in the marketing community, helping hundreds of talented marketers take that next step in their careers.

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Having a well-established business with repeat clients can sometimes mean your website and brand image can take a back seat. The problem is that people who have never done business with you or don’t know you personally will only have your website to judge you by. That first impression can make people want to learn more or instantly turn them away without you ever knowing.
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The project kicked off with a brand transformation session which allowed us to dig deep into Andrew’s vision for the brand.

Logos and website designs are not just shiny graphics. They are intended to instil specific feelings and perception for a business. Discussing the feelings people should have when recommending Mint to others allowed us to create a clear design direction and helped Mint to consider the type of content the site, or any marketing material, would have.

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“While Hidden Depth had experience in developing recruitment websites, this was almost a secondary consideration. It was their design skills that had me first make contact. Once I did, they listened, got was I was looking for, and I was sold! ”

Andrew Bloom (Mint Marketing Talent)

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The experience

“I liked Dave’s collaborative approach to his over-delivery on many key elements of the design and build.”

Andrew Bloom
Mint Marketing Talent