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We needed to create something unique and in line with who Lex Consultancy is and how there brand should be perceived.

Lex Consultancy, a Dublin based recruitment agency, believes in using human experience rather than just computers to find high-performance candidates. marks the 6th recruitment web design project for Hidden Depth. Even though we know the industry well and the balancing act of appealing to both clients and candidates, it was vital that we did not do a cookie cutter website.

The problem.

When your recruitment agency is in a growth phase, your website and online image can end up taking a back seat. Lex faced this exact problem when we first met. The business was growing, but the website did not reflect how far the organisation had advanced in the last few years. The site lacked the personality and reassurance that people seek when looking for the right recruitment agency.

Lex Consultancy needed a recruitment agency website they could be proud of, something that would help connect them directly to clients and candidates, an online presence that would showcase the people and personality of the business.

A discovery phase was essential.

Each recruitment agency has different roles, sectors, client types and typical candidates. There is no one size fits all web design approach when there are so many variants from one recruitment agency to another.

Discovery started with us asking lots of questions to get a clear sense of who is an ideal customer for Lex. Then we delved into who the people in the company are, and the kind of experience clients and candidates receive when working with Lex.

A design that provides the right reassurance.

Initially, we created two different design directions to give Lex different paths to follow. Both directions were designed for their ideal client, who was ready to make a change in their life and needed to understand if Lex Consultancy was a good fit to help with this change.

The chosen solution was about the brand's voice, the content and their personality. The intention was to provide friendly reassurance that you are in the right place and we understand that changing jobs is an important design in your life; Lex does not take that trust lightly.

A crisp and airy layout uses lots of white space and generous breathing room between sections. The extra spacing slows things down for people and allows them to relax and concentrate on one specific part at a time, rather than being bombarded with information and trying the 'hard sell'. This slowing things down also conveys confidence in what Lex delivers.

The brand personality matters.

The homepage may be the first touchpoint a person has with Lex Consultancy. The quote is big, bold and proud. It sets Lex apart from the competition who use the common buzzwords of 'professional, dedicated, focused, etc.' A beautifully bright and colourful image gives the brand a unique personality and creates a memorable impact. This image can be used across other mediums (brochures, flyers, banners) to create a brand image that identifies Lex to the world. The woman who is walking highlights how Lex moves people from one place, or career path, in their life to another and creates that sense of transition and movement which people are seeking when changing jobs.

We utilised the line from the logo throughout the design. The lines also provide a hierarchy from the yellow header being the thickest (and most colourful), then the page title, followed by the dividing lines in subsections on pages.

Awards and recognition.

Winner Web Guru Awards Guru of the Day
Nomination Awwwards Site of the Day
Nomination CSS Nectar Site of the Day
Nomination CSS Design Awards Site of the Day
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