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C+W O'Brien Architects

A visual showcase of Irish architectural expertise.

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Art Direction
Web & UI Design
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C+W O'Brien Architects


Since 2019

“We wanted a website that communicated how we envision ourselves as a company. Our old website was outdated and didn't focus on graphics/visuals, which is very important in architecture / interior design. It was also very slow.”

Sarah Kennedy
C+W O'Brien Architects
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The beautiful Proxima Nova is the main site font
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Images are the showcase of the website

The brief

Showcase C+W as one of the major players for architecture and interior design. Elevate the brand online — matching the growth of the business and calibre of work. A strong visual impact, but fast to load and easy to use.

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The previous homepage took 15 seconds to load. This had an impact on site bounce rate and meant visitors leaving before the site even loaded. On average, the new homepage takes 0.4 seconds to load.

The new website is highly visual and features many images on the homepage. All images are hosted on an image CDN service. Images are remarkably fast to load and serve different sizes/resolutions for mobile, tablet, desktop, plus retina devices. Nobody needs to Photoshop images or have multiple copies of files. This makes the site future-proof, as images will adapt if we change the layout in any section.

Subpar hosting is one of the biggest bottlenecks in page load time. Therefore, dedicated WordPress hosting was added and complimented by a WordPress caching system.

The site is built using the Omnia framework, our in-house framework. Omnia is incredibly lightweight to minimise code size and improve load time. In addition, knowing every line of code allows us to add additional functionality without unnecessary code bloat.

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“The new website elevates the company. We are a fast-growing company that believes we are "catching up" on the old reliables. This website now reflects that”

Sarah Kennedy
C+W O'Brien Architects
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