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CCT College Dublin is one of Ireland’s leading professional and higher education colleges, providing internationally recognised programmes in the disciplines of Computing, Information Technology, and Business.

After finding our work online and identifying with our process, the college asked us to redesign their existing online presence.

The brief.

When making any significant changes to their previous websites content, menus, phone numbers, CCT had to contact their web developer. It was important that we give CCT more granular control over editing the content of their site.


As part of our discovery, we carried out an audit on the existing CCT College website. One issue we find on a lot of college course pages is information overload. The courses are one of the most important sections for any college. Having too much content may put people off reading it in the first place and could frustrate people who come back multiple times and have to scroll and scroll just to pick up where they left off.

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The design of the website is clean and airy with lots of white space and generous padding between sections, giving users the ability to focus on one part at a time. It also projects confidence by not trying to oversell.

We broke down course content into accordions to let people have a quick overview before delving into what is of interest. Return visitors can also quickly pick up where they left off more quickly.