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At Hidden Depth we’re not web designers, we’re creatives. This means we have a passion and interest in a lot of creative areas and web design is simply a medium used to express this creativity and solve problems for people. If web design didn’t exist we would still be creating, but just in a different medium.

There are huge benefits to having such a resource online. It forces us to get out more and take more photographs, fuelling creativity outside the office. We have also now established a great resource for our clients to use which adds more value to our relationships.

The beauty of capturing a moment or seeing something from a different angle than someone else is unique. Photographs are an international language that can be appreciated by anyone in the world.

Going global quickly.

Within a few months Picography was serving images to 100,000 visitors a month. The amount of traffic the site generates has a knock on effect on our core business, with the Hidden Depth website seeing an increase in traffic by over 15%.

70% of Picography's visitors come from outside Europe, 50% from the US alone, which helps showcases Hidden Depth to a wider audience.