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The Jurys Inn Group tasked us with the redesign of The site required a complete design overhaul and a fully-responsive layout. handles the booking for all 32 Jurys Inn Group hotels across Ireland, UK and Europe.

Jurys really understand the benefits of a responsive website and how you can keep the user experience consistent across each device.

We began with our kick off meeting to establish the structure of the project and set the end goals. We studied current site analytics to understand the most important areas of the website and also looked into the current user-flow.

Jurys are an ideal client as they listened to our advice and understood the reasons we made suggestions. They knew their customer clearly and gave us concise information on who their market is.

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One of the most important aspects of any website design is the research phase. For this website redesign we visited some of the Jurys Inn hotels as a normal guest to better understand the whole user experience from booking online, getting to the hotel (by following directions on the current website), checking in, checking out and finally getting home. It is important to remember that how people judge an online booking would not be only based on the initial booking but also on how easy it was to find the hotel, how helpful the staff are when they arrive, any useful information about local attractions, events, and a lot more. Putting ourselves into the customers shoes helped us bring back suggestions of how to make the new site much more concise but easier to use.

Images for better retention.

People retain images a lot easier than words, as words must have context to something, which needs more brain power to process. With that in mind we made the whole website design very visual and used statement images for every hotel so it will be easy for return visitors to find the hotel they want by simple image recognition. Nearly every single page has a statement hero image which creates a friendly, confident tone.