CRM Together

Hidden Depth is the agency of record for CRM Together. We create designs for all websites, logo and brand identity, plus marketing materials covering both online and print.

CRM Together
“The team at Hidden Depth have an approach to web site design that is as professional as they come and they filled us with confidence from our first meeting. They endeavour to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve and armed with that create a vision for you that is inspiring. It's more than web design really that they deliver.”

Marc Reidy (CRM Together)

Solutions over products

A solution based approached was envisioned for the website and the entire business. People Don’t Need Features, They Crave Solutions. This meant a big change for CRM and how they normally marketed their offerings. The new site talks about what is important to potential customers, the outcome of using the product. There are now 4 core pillars to the CRM Together offering, Integrate, Communicate, Sell, Support. This means all software created must match at least one of those pillars and in turn will provide at least one solution to the user.

CRM Together

Marketing materials

Our relationship with CRM Together has spanned years and covered everything from the company logo and brand identity, websites, apps, stationery and promotional materials. Hidden Depth is involved with all new marketing or brand related projects working in both design and strategic consultation roles.

Awards and Recognition

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