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Aqua Restaurant is located at the very end of Howth’s West Pier, Co. Dublin. The restaurant is well known for it's great food and stunning views.

Aqua asked us to help facilitate an extensive brand revision to cover all major promotional touch points for the restaurant. As a lot of businesses grow there is an increase in various promotional materials. Over the years different designers had added their own style to each item. Aqua had reached a point where all these different designs were diluting the personality of the brand.

Branding Identity.

A brand is not a logo. A brand is the culmination of who Aqua is and how people feel about that. Before we designed the website we first established Aqua's new brand identity. The brand is confident, yet maintains a friendly feel. The use of beautiful imagery throughout all the touch points is a primary aspect of Aqua's brand. As well as offering lovely food, it's important that users can view the scenery that Aqua offers.

We established various rules for use in-house relating to areas such as how the logo such interact with content (it's placement, spacing, size, colours, etc.), the style of imagery used, the content and tone of voice promoted and much more. These rules help make the brand more future proof and allow staff to keep within the parameters set out so there is a uniform look, feel and tone throughout everything Aqua does.

We designed a website that works across all modern mobile, tablet, laptops and desktop devices. This allows the user to get the best view of the website, no matter what device they’re looking at it through. People may visit the website multiple times on various devices so a responsive web design approach allows a consistency to the brand no matter how the user visits the site. A typical user may for example view the menu on their laptop today but visit the site on a mobile phone next week when they want to find contact details to actually make a booking.

Fully Customisable Food Menu

The website is intended to reflect the brand personality so it was important for Aqua to be able to show potential customers what they have on their menu and to be able to easily keep their online menus current. With this in mind we developed a content system, which extended the capabilities of a regular WordPress website, that allows Aqua’s staff to create new menus and edit items while maintaining a consistent structure for all new menus they create.

It's an experience.

From the moment you land on the home page, you are immersed in the scenery that makes Aqua a cut above the rest. The website features a strong use of imagery which gives people a fantastic first impression for what to expect from the restaurant and Howth itself.

We spent a lot of time in Howth and took most of the website photographs ourselves as we knew exactly what we wanted to showcase on the site. There were photo shoots covering both day and night to highlight how beautiful and varied the location is depending on the time of day. You will see images like seals popping their heads up and boats moving through the harbour during the day given a sense of life and movement. And in contrast there is a cool tranquillity to the images taken at night of boats anchored for the evening.

All of Aqua’s touch points (billboards, posters, flyers and the website) feature photographs taken within and around the restaurant. We designed everything from billboards and posters to menu covers and business cards.