About Dave.

Your prospects, when making a big decision, like finding a new job or choosing one college over another, crave reassurance and connection. So your website needs to provide that.

As a web designer, that’s my speciality.

But I’m not just a designer — I’m both a designer and a businessman. So when designing an effective website, I use both the left and right sides of the brain, marrying critical thinking with creativity. That’s unusual in a designer. Many of us focus only on the code or the aesthetic, at the expense of the business goals. But I aim to create designs with clarity, intent and experience backed up by the insights gained from asking my clients lots of questions.

If we work together, you should also know that I’m a bit of a perfectionist; so I tend to over-deliver. That’s okay because it’s in my business interests to go above and beyond. I know if you’re happy, you’ll come back and hopefully tell all your friends and colleagues. Plus, what we produce today, will be showcased in our portfolio tomorrow.

I know first hand how strong web design can propel a business. In 2009, I started Hidden Depth from a spare bedroom. In the early years, 90% of our business enquiries and projects came from our website. Good web design has allowed my company to compete with larger agencies — and win.

By practising what we preach, we have transformed Hidden Depth into a flourishing business now based in the beautiful Citywest Business Campus. I am convinced that, without a clearly thought out and well-designed website, the business would not be where it is today.

We can help transform your online presence into something you’ll be proud to show the world and that your customers will feel is made for them. Every single client we take on starts with a call or meeting with me, so feel free to reach out and connect.

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