The perception people have about your brand identity, will affect their buying decisions and impressions they have about your product or service.


Brand Identity Design

Are you creating a luxury brand or something that is all about saving money? The difference is perception. Desired perception helps us choose the most effective colours, fonts, images, logo design, even quality of paper for your business cards.

Our brand identity work includes a brand guidelines document. This guideline helps form the foundation for your brand's visual identity and ensures your brand stays consistent wherever it is used.

“Having a beautifully designed business card is good, but if it is printed on flimsy paper stock then the perception of your brand will instantly be damaged.”

Brand discovery workshops

Our Brand Discovery workshops are designed to help you discover what people should feel about your brand. Should they be excited by it? Feel reassured, confident, luxurious? From there we create a Brand Persona that you, your staff, designers, content writers, marketers, sales reps, etc. should all have a copy of, so they represent your brand according to your guidelines.

User Discovery workshops help you go beyond the typical customer profile by delving into the Jobs to Be Done by your product or service. How well do you understand your users? Knowing what people need to do helps you effectively match/create your value proposition to tailored to their needs.