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CRM Together are a Dublin based software company with clients around the globe. They asked us to redesign their website and design a new company logo. This was a fantastic project to work on as everyone challenged each other to do better every step of the way.

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The brief

CRM Together have been in business since 2007 and have had a number of website designs from then until now. They asked us to create a brand identity and website that was built for the customer.

  • Mobile & Tablet friendly
  • Edit site content themselves
  • Information wall for downloads
  • Visual and inviting
  • Easy to understand features and information on each software solution
  • Showcase current customers

The approach

We met with Marc and Majella form CRM Together a number of times to make sure we understood their business, their customers, where the business currently was and where they wanted to take it. This was really important to us as we wanted to design a site that works for the type of customers they market to and it had to fit with the type of products they are selling.

Responsive Web Design

As is the case with 9 out of 10 sites we now design, we built the site to be responsive so it adapts to suit the screen size and device viewing it. This is brilliant to see people now widely adopting responsive web design as it is so much better for the end user.

WordPress for CMS

WordPress was used for the CMS and we spent a lot of time coding in custom areas to the admin panel to make updating the site much easier for CRM. We used the brand new WordPress Theme Customizer (that's how it's spelt) to allow CRM to do live updating of a lot of the website including changing the home page slideshows, changing the slideshow speed, adding in new calls to action on pages, and much more. The Theme Customizer is an amazing new addition to WordPress and will be used as standard in all future WordPress projects as it makes life so much easier for people updating their site.

Information Wall

We added in an access form before users gain access to the resources and downloads section of the site. By filling in this form users are signed up to the CRM newsletter automatically.


The original website was very blue. The logo contained blue and grey and felt a bit dull and dated. For the site colours we chose a eye catching purple and turquoise as the main colour palette. We made a clear decision to stay away from the over used colours of green and blue which are synonymous with software websites. Happily CRM agreed with our thinking on standing out from the crowd.

The site has large images on nearly all pages. Products are now called Solutions as this is what they are. Every solution and training page has a list of features. Each feature has a relevant icon which breaks this large list of information down into smaller easier to understand blocks.

Showcasing Customers

We created a testimonials section to highlight customer feedback. All testimonials have an accompanying image of the client which makes it much more appealing and trust worthy.

The case studies section to show how customers have actually used CRM Together solutions and the different this has made for their business. Every case study begins with a short testimonial from that client. The text for this testimonial is much larger than the rest of the case study as we wanted to again highlight people and sum things up in their words.

CRM Together has received an Honourable Mention on

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“The team at Hidden Depth have an approach to web site design that is as professional as they come and they filled us with confidence from our first meeting. They endeavor to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve and armed with that create a vision for you that is inspiring. It's more than web design really that they deliver. Thanks to Dave and the team at Hidden Depth and we look forward to working with you into the future.”

Marc Reidy , CRM Together